Unexplored land in america

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Deserts have historically been unexplored due to their remoteness and extreme climate. But the Namib in southern Namibia is definitely one of the most unexplored of the worlds deserts. Its believed to be the oldest desert in the planet, and its also the least populated. ThereAug 21, 2018  In 1507 Waldseemller published a book in which he named the new land America. More Spanish expeditions followed. Juan Ponce de Len explored the coasts of Florida in 1513. unexplored land in america

Scientists race to discover the secret world buried miles beneath Antarctica. The landscape could be in upstate New York, western Maine, or any number of other scenic places: a few large lakes, many small ones, wide rivers and slowflowing streams, waterfilled hollows and soggy ground, all set in a stony land.

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Unexplored Areas of America. I fall into line with carracar; someone has been there, they just didn't find anything worthy of note. The Spanish trooped around the Southwest extensively in their endless search for gold, then came the Mountain Men, trappers, Mormon

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Located in southwest Colorado, Hinsdale County has more roadless land per capita than anywhere else in the contiguous United States, according to a U. S. Geological Survey study. The county is extremely mountainous, which helps explain the lack of roads.

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