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RAAM Race Across America (the Race). RAAM Finisher or Official RAAM Finisher Solo Racer, Team Member or Team finishing RAAM within the allotted time. RAAM, Inc. or Race Across America, Inc. The owner of the Race Across America or RAAM. RAAM StaffMay 31, 2018 The Crew 2 driving across America with Typical Gamer! Sponsored by Ubisoft! Sign up to The Crew 2 BETA here! http: ubi. liqhxkv Subscribe for more The Crew 2 videos drive across america race

The Preparation. You might think the hardest part of setting the crosscountry driving record is driving across the country. You might think the hardest part is staying awake for more than 24 hours, or constantly keeping your foot on the floor. You might think the hardest part is roundtheclock vigilance for law enforcement.

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This Aint No Tour. Racers must cycle 3000 miles, across 12 states, and climb over 170, 000 vertical feet. Team racers have a maximum of nine days but most finish in about seven and a half with the fastest in just over 5 days. Solo racers have a maximum of 12 days to complete the race, most finishing in 11 days with the fastest finishing in under 8 days.

Open to amateur and professional racers, in solo, 2, 4 and 8person relay teams, there is no other race in the world comparable to RAAM. The Race has become a

Taking the Great American Roadtrip In the spirit of Kerouac and Steinbeck, the celebrated travel writer fulfills a childhood fantasy: to drive across his native land

The Race Across America is an incredible race. I really have to give each and every rider credit fo r their superhuman efforts to compete in such extreme conditions. I was at the City Dock in Annapolis to welcome Team BEMER last night for their record breaking ride.

Depending on your route, the coasttocoast drive across America ranges in distance from approximately 2, 500 to 3, 500 miles. If you're prepared to clock eightplus hours behind the wheel per day, the shortest route should takes four days and the longest six.

Feb 22, 2017 This is the story of three friends who quit their jobs and moved across the country to pursue their dreams. Hope you enjoy! Custom Online Coaching:

Race Across America. In length the RAAM is comparable to the Tour de France, but the races differ to a great extent. The courses of both races have varied over the years. However, in the Race Across America, the direction has always been from the west coast to the east coast of the United States, approximately 3, 000 miles (4, 800 km),

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Oct 22, 2013  RAAM (Race across America) continues to stand as one the toughest events in the world and a tribute to human endurance, mentally, spiritually and physically, a

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