Mediterranean vegetation in north america

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Biome plant groups. Forest: Mediterranean forests are generally composed of broadleaf trees, such as the oak and mixed sclerophyll forests of California and the Mediterranean region, the Eucalyptus forests of Southwest Australia, and the Nothofagus forests of central Chile. Forests are often found in riparian areas,Characteristics: Mediterranean regions are known as 'Orchards of the world' for their fruit cultivation. Citrus fruits such as oranges, figs, olives and grapes are commonly cultivated here because people have removed the natural vegetation in order to cultivate what they want to. mediterranean vegetation in north america

Vegetation in the Mediterranean Climate Zone of North America. Adapted to low to moderate amounts of annual precipitation (10 to 29 or so of precipitation), and also to drought

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Mediterranean vegetation. Around the Mediterranean Sea this vegetation is called macchie, maquis, or garigue; it is known as chaparral in southwestern North America, as Cape flora in southern Africa, and as mallee in southwestern Australia. chaparral; maquis; mallee.

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There are several kinds of forested vegetation zones in North America. One kind is rain forest, which is a dense evergreen forest that receives at least 100 inches of rainfall each year. Deciduous and mixed forests receive less rain and have many trees that lose their leaves in winter. Other parts of the continent have few trees or none at all.

Natural Vegetation of Mediterranean Climate: The vegetation community is dominated by trees and shrubs. The shrubs are differently named in various parts of the Mediterranean biome on the basis of local names e. g. , maquis or garigue in southern Europe, chaparral in California, fymbos or fymbosch in

Mediterranean climate. The resulting vegetation of Mediterranean climates are the garrigue in the Mediterranean Basin, the chaparral in California, the fynbos in South Africa and the Chilean scrubland in Chile. Areas with this climate are where the socalled Mediterranean trinity has traditionally developed: wheat,

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The west coast of North America, especially the Californian Coast, experiences hot dry summers and cool wet winters. So, the natural vegetation of this region is adapted to withstand the drought conditions. The cork oak, olive, Mediterranean pine, laurel, and cedar are the trees found in this region.

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