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2020-01-24 02:47

Sep 12, 2012 'Gangnam Style' Artist PSY Interview on Viral Success of Music Video, Lyrics The South Korean rapper discusses his music video, which has nearly 28 million hits on YouTube.In 2004, Psy rapped on a South Korean metal band's song, Dear American, at a protest concert, The Washington Post reported. Kill those fing Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives psy dear america music video

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PSY Official YouTube Channel. Available on iTunes @ Apple Music @# PSY# # TAEYANG# # LOVE

Dec 09, 2012 Bill Burr no reason to hit a woman how women argue (FULL) from You People are all the Same Duration: 12: 15. mcnyregrus 10, 970, 888 views

Audio: Heres the antiAmerican song, Dear American, Psy sang in 2004. By Max Fisher. December 7, 2012. featured Psy singing along to a song called Dear American. Here are the anti

Jul 13, 2017  PSYs Gangnam Style Changed Pop Music, Whether You Like It Or Not its perch as the most viewed video on YouTube. Korean pop star PSY had held the title aware of Korean music

Dec 10, 2012 Psy AntiAmerican Song Video Surfaces, Performs for President Obama On Friday he swiftly issued an apology for this song called Dear American and the offensive lyrics which included, kill

Oct 31, 2012 Let's. Rewind YouTube 2012. This year, Psy's gangnam style got most viewed video on youtube. But PSY is AntiUSA Style. PSY made AntiUSA song Dear America . Psy of Gangnam Style is the worst

On December 21, 2012, his music video for Gangnam Style exceeded one billion views on YouTube, becoming the first video to do so in the website's history. Psy was subsequently recognized by the media as the King of YouTube . On May 31, 2014, the video for Psy's

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Sponsored by Bank of America. Sponsored by Bank of America Psy is the latest musician to have an internet hit. his music video Gangnam Style notched up over 20 million views on YouTube.

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