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How can the answer be improved?If you wonder how long you should travel in South America, the answer is: as long as you can. But it isnt said that this should all be in 1 stretch! You can explore parts of South America on different trips. This 30day South America backpacking route focuses on Peru, Bolivia and the northern tip of Chile. backpacking through south america itinerary

Backpacking through South America truly is a lifechanging journey through one of the planets most fascinating landmasses. Backpacking South America is generally a cheap endeavor although its not as cheap as Southeast Asia or India.

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South America Backpacker is the sister website of South East Asia Backpacker, founded in 2009 as a print magazine. Both websites are a collaboration of articles and travel guides, written by backpackers, for backpackers! The websites are managed by Nikki and Dave, a nomadic couple from the UK.

Our chosen 4 month backpacking South America itinerary OK! Now thats out of the way, lets take a deeper look at the 4 month South America route that we chose to follow.

Aug 13, 2016  Backpacking through South America. As part of my South America backpacking itinerary and after doing years of solo travel in Latin America in general. Id like to share 5 pieces of advice based on what Ive learned and applied along all the South America travel routes I have taken.

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Backpacking through South America alone is not as scary as people seem to think it is. Backpacking South America Itinerary. You could spend 2 weeks in Colombia, with a week on the Caribbean coast, a couple of days in Bogota, Medellin and the Coffee Region around Salento.

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