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Martinelli was not only the first, but the tallest skyscraper of South America until be surpassed by the Altino Arantes Building, also in So Paulo, in 1947.Palace of the Governors Santa Fe NM 1610 Government Oldest seat of colonial government (Spanish). Building has been within the United States since the Mexican Cession of 1848. San Miguel Mission Santa Fe NM 1610 Governmentreligious Said to be the oldest church structure built in the United States. oldest building in south america

12 Of The Oldest Buildings In America. Taos Pueblo: Taos, NM. Taos Pueblo is an ancient pueblo belonging to a tribe of Pueblo Native American people and designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At approximately 1, 000 years old, the pueblos are considered to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the U. S.

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Famous Historic Buildings, Places and Sites in The Americas? North America? USA? Central America, South America. The World Trade Centre consisted of 7 buildings including the Twin Towers which when completed in 1973 were the worlds tallest buildings.

Oldest Building in South Africa The Castle of Good Hope is the oldest building in South Africa. Built between 1666 and 1679 by the Dutch East India Company, better known as the VOC (Vereenigde OostIndische Compagnie), this pentagonal fortification replaced a small clay and timber fort built in 1652 by Commander Jan van Riebeeck, founder of the

Caral is another pyramid which is located in Peru in South America. It was first built in 2600 BC and is the oldest building in Southern America. Caral was inhabited between 2600 and 2000 BCE, expanding over an area of over 60 hectares.

The Tallest Buildings In South America The 984 feet tall Gran Torre Santiago in Santiago, Chile, is the tallest building in South America. The Gran Torre, in Santiago, Chile, towers over the skyline.

San Ignacio Min, Argentina. These reducciones were built in the middle of the tropical rainforest to house, educate and convert the Guaran people. Indeed, these buildings tell the turbulent story of European colonization and evangelization in South America. San Ignacio was founded in 1611, and moved to its present site in 1696.

107 rows This article lists the oldest known surviving freestanding buildings constructed in the world, including on each of the continents and within each country. Building is defined as any humanmade structure used or interface for supporting or sheltering any use or continuous occupancy.

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List of the oldest buildings in the United States. Bray House Kittery Point ME c. 1720 Residential Built on the site of an earlier structure built in c. 1662, it is among the oldest houses in Maine. Wayside Cottage Scarsdale NY c. 1720 Residential One of the oldest houses in Westchester County, NY.

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