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2020-01-25 20:34

North America On Course for Largest Snow Cover On Record According to NOAA's SnowIce Mapping System: snow cover 7. 77 million square kilometers on Oct 14 Skip to content Thursday, March 28, 2019North America snowcover graph Rutgers University Global Snow Lab Looks like theres a huge departure from normal in other parts of the world, too, including Russia, China, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Romania, Kazakhstan, and others. snow cover north america 2019

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The U. S. and Northern Hemisphere snow cover maps that are provided by the U. S. National Ice Center will no longer be served through this website or any NCEI website

Oct 15, 2018 Snow cover extent for North America in the season so far is shown by the red line.

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North America (Greenland excluded) weekly snow cover since January 2000 according to Rutgers University Global Snow Laboratory. The thin blue line is the weekly data, and the thick blue line is the running 53 week average (approximately 1 year).

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