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We sell tanning bed parts! On line catalog of OEM and original tanning parts for domestic and imported tanning equipment. Tanning bed mannuals, pistons, shocks, gas springs, wiring diargams and after the sale support for your new or used tanning bed or any other tanning equipment.Tan America Catalina Unwind in a 12 minute session for a next level tan. With twentyseven 160w lamps in the canopy, sixteen 100w lamps in the bench, and three 500w face lamps, the Catalina is a great level 3 bed. tan america catalina tanning bed

TanAmerica. The Tan America VIP Series lamps are manufactured with proprietary blend phosphors that are green in color. When illuminated, these lamps have a pure, bright white glow, which gives your customers the perception of a more powerful piece of tanning equipment. .

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Our indoor tanning experts are extensively trained in the UV tanning process. We use stateoftheart tanning beds and we always provide protective eyewear. We also offer top quality tanning and skin care products. Always follow pretanning and posttanning instructions and use the recommended tan maintenance and skin protection products.

Home PreOwned Tanning Beds Heartland Tan America Catalina. Sale! Tan America Catalina. Description; Specs; Description. With 16 x 160w lamps in the canopy, 16 x 100w lamps in the bench, 3 400w face lamps, and a built in TMax timer, the Catalina is a great entry level 2 bed. This unit has an AMFMCD sound system with 4 speakers

Found below is an index to a wide variety (over 2500) of tanning bed acrylics for all tanning beds made in the USA, Germany and Italy over the past 30 years. If you know the manufacturer and model of your bed you may select it from our list below for fast ordering.

Sep 03, 2015 Review of the Tan America VIP32 tanning bed. I know that thing is ancient, but for a home this is a nice straight forward machine to pick up. Find more reviews on

Details about Tan America Catalina Commercial Tanning Bed. Tan America Catalina 15 Minute Max, (32) 100 Watt Reflector lamps. Built in AMFM stereo with CD player, Built in Tmax timer, Built in Fans. Has option to use 100 watt nonreflectors for 20 Min. Max. 758 Lbs.

Pura Color Automated Booth. Heartland Tanning is a leading manufacturer of automated sunless and skin brightening equipment. All units are American made and precision engineered, offering your salon superior performance, outstanding durability, unsurpassed comfort and flawless results.

Tan America Catalina. 32 lamps. 160 watt lamps top and bottom. 15 min bed. built in speakers. Digital timer. end caps have some cracks and rubs won't effect the use of the bed

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Troubleshooting Guide For SunMaster, Alpha Sun and Virtual Sun Tanning Beds. it is probably a good idea to buy a Tanning Bed Rebuild Kit and clean the entire inside of the tanning bed. I am not getting very tan If your tanning bed is new: Make sure you are following the instructions that came with your tanning bed regarding exposure times.

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