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Haiti, with a literacy of about 62. 1 is the country in Latin America with the worst literacy rate of them all.List of countries by literacy rate. The rate varies throughout the world with developed nations having a rate of 99. 2 (2013); Oceania having 71. 3; South and West Asia having 70. 2 (2015) and subSaharan Africa at 64. 0 (2015). Over 75 of the world's 781 million illiterate adults are found in South Asia, West Asia and subSaharan Africa literacy rates in south america

Crisis Point: The State of Literacy in America In the South, public schools were slower to arrive. Rich people paid private tutors to educate their children in the southern states, relegating the poor to perpetual disenfranchisement. We then saw steady increases in literacy rates until the 1980swhen rates began to dip slightly.

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Literacy rate in South America: The average for 2016 was 95. 22 percent. The highest value was in Venezuela: 97. 13 percent and the lowest value was in Peru: 94. 17 percent. Below is a chart for all countries where data are available for: Literacy rate.

US Literacy Rate and Illiteracy Statistics. According to the US Department of Education and the National Institute of Literacy, the following statistics outline the state of literacy in the United States. 1. 32 million adults can not read in the United States equal to 14 of the population. 2. 21 of US adults read below the 5th grade level.

Literacy rates also vary within Central America, with countries closer to South America having higher literacy rates. This shows globalization of education for countries in northern South America, such as Colombia and Venezuela, to countries in southern Central America, such as Panama and Costa Rica (the countries with the two highest literacy rates in Central America by far).

198 rows  The rate of literacy refers to the ability to sufficiently read and write. Many factors, such as

South America: Ranking of statistics Literacy rate of youth ( of people ages 1524): Men The 5 highest records for sovereign countries (1 per country) since 1975: 1 Bolivia Literacy rate of youth ( of people ages 1524): Men was 99. 75 in 2007

World Geography Chapter 10 Sections 34. STUDY. PLAY. What ancient civilization was located in the Andes contains of Peru. Inca. What is one lasting legacy of the Inca. Quechua. Is the literacy rate in South America higher or lower than in other parts of Latin America. Higher.

Definition: This entry includes a definition of literacy and Census Bureau percentages for the total population, males, and females. There are no universal definitions and standards of literacy. There are no universal definitions and standards of literacy.

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The graph depicts the average literacy rates in Latin America and the Caribbean among young, adult and elderly people in 2016. In that year, this region's youth literacy rate amounted to 98 percent, 19 percentage points higher than the literacy rate among elderly people. Loading statistic Literacy rate.

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