National forests in america

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The forest was established in 1891 as the first national forest in the United States. Encompassing 2. 4 million acres, this rugged landscape includes three unique mountain ranges, beautiful alpine lakes and endless opportunities for recreation.The Biggest National Forests In The United States. All of these U. S. National Forests collectively have a total land area of 188, 336, 179 acres. Most US states have at least one national forest with the exception of ten states: Rhode Island, New Jersey, North Dakota, Massachusetts, Maryland, Hawaii, Iowa, Connecticut, Kansas, and Delaware. national forests in america

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135 rows There is at least one National Forest in all but ten states: Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Dakota, New Jersey, and Rhode Island (although Kansas and North Dakota have national grasslands). In addition, Puerto Rico contains El Yunque National Forest.

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Apr 26, 2016 Established in 1893, Sierra National Forest spans over 1. 3 million acres. As one of the most popular national forests in the country, there are over 50 campgrounds and almost 400 lakes. For more information, visit usda. gov.

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