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Major airports near Berlin, Germany: The nearest major airport is Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL EDDT). This airport has international and domestic flights and is 11 km from the center of Berlin, Germany. Another major airport is Berlin Schnefeld Airport (SXF EDDB), which has international flights and is 23 km from Berlin, Germany.The Berlin Tegel Airport is the main international airport of Berlin, Germanys capital. It serves as a hub of Air Berlin and as a base for Germanwings. The airport features flights to many metropolitan and resort destinations in Europe as well as some international lines. map airports berlin germany

@david at BerlinTegel Airport, Germany. Along with BerlinTempelhof (THF), Tegel is scheduled to be replaced by an expanded BerlinSchnefeld (SXF to be renamed BerlinBrandenburg International around 2011). Tegel and Tempelhof are actually in Berlin, while Schnefeld is further out of town, in the former East Germany.

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Closest Airport to Berlin, Germany. The closest airport to Berlin is Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL). Distance from Berlin Tegel Airport to Berlin is 5. 7 miles 9. 2 kilometers.

There are two main airports in Berlin Germany: Berlin Tegel (TXL) and Berlin Schonefeld (SXF).

The airport of Berlin Tegel is an important German airport located north west of Berlin. It is the 4th largest airport in Germany for passenger traffic with 19. 6 million travelers in 2013. It has 5 terminals which are terminal A, terminal B, terminal C, terminal D and terminal E.

Map; The excitement of airports. The excitement of airports. A walk through the history of aviation; Art on Architecture Vibrant, diverse and surprising form your own impressions of Berlin, Germanys capital city. Brandenburg. Hiking, cycling, swimming, city excursions the holiday region of Brandenburg has something for everyone.

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